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    66-71 Seat Coaches

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Bus and Coach Repairs & Service

Hopkinsons Quality Care Service

Hopkinsons can look after your bus and coach repairs for minor accidents, rebuilds, service and maintenance schedules. We have the facilities, parts and staff to provide a quality service at competitive rates.

Bus and coach repairs can be undertaken at our Smithfield workshop and a we have a mobile technician for emergency service work.

  • RMS authorized workshop (defects cleared, change of records, blue slips)
  • Remove body rust, panel dents, repair fibreglass damage, remove floor rot
  • All Chassis Repairs (brakes, electrical, pnuematics, suspension, steering)
  • Engine Repairs & Rebuilds , Transmissions Repairs & Rebuilds
  • Random Safety Checks
  • Pre RTA Checks (before inspection & under body cleaning)
  • RTA Defects (repaired & cleared )
  • Service and Maintenance Schedules

T 02 9632 3344
F 02 9632 4402


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